Most of us can’t always keep track of how “well” movies are doing at the box office. We have jobs, homes, boyfriends, and children, just like movies do. But we do spend a lot of time with movies, time that doesn’t often translate to revenue. We talk about movies. We think about them. We fall asleep beside movies. We wake up to movies, our breakfast in bed. And the box office is someone else’s way of gossiping about all of them.

Do you consider movies a friendship?
Is the movie you want to see tonight… the movie you want to see?


Film Fun is Keaton Ventura (Hermione) and Mike Spreter (The Lorax). In 2010, as they staggered through an alley upstate with an open bottle of Tisdale chardonnay, a stray cop pulled over to the curb and asked them, “Do you boys want to go home now, or do you want to ruin your weekend?”

And they thought — “Has anyone ever asked a movie that?”

Special thanks to:

Greg Fong
Dasha Nekrasova
Brook Schneider
Roger Joseph Ebert

Film Fun is available for outside projects. We write a regular column called BOX OFFICE for Flash Art magazine.