The Purge. For one night a year, for twelve hours, any and all crime is legal under the US government, including murder.

Whatever our differences, The Purge is something that we all share, each and every year. Do you remember your last Purge night? What about your first? Did you ever tell anyone about your experiences, or did you stay quiet?

Because it’s time to speak up. This year, we’re teaming up with Universal Studios and Blumhouse Productions to prepare for their release of The Purge: Election Year on July 1, 2016. We asked some of our friends to come clean about their purges, and we’re presenting them for you here, unmasked and uncensored. The only thing we can say for sure is that no Purge night is the same.

Welcome to My Purge.

Our deepest thanks go out to those who shared their stories. On Purge night — on every day, and every night — the only thing we have is each other.